Monday, January 11, 2016

Jesus' uncle=Panthera?

Here's an admittedly speculative original theory I've developed in detail at a Talpiot Tomb FaceBook group.
Jesus had a paternal uncle named Chalfi חלפי in Aramaic, who appears several times in the New Testament as Alphaeus/Clophas.
The name Chalfi is derived from a word for sword in Aramaic. I believe that with "live by the sword, die by the sword" Jesus was addressing his uncle Chalfi specifically, making a pun on his name. This in turn could indicate that Chalfi had a military background.
On the other hand, Epiphanius referring to Origen's response to Celsius explains the nickname Panthera in the context of Joseph's family.
Therefore Chalfi could have been a soldier nicknamed Panthera, fitting the tradition of a Panthera relating to Jesus.
I'd submit this almost fictional theory could explain why Joseph married Mary when he knew she was pregnant. He would be protecting his brother as well as her (deut.22:24.)