Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jesus like Jonah?

The carving of a fish exhaling a person found in the adjacent tomb by James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici could indeed be early Christian iconography relating Jesus to Jonah. In that context it would corroborate a suggestion that a drawing of a fish resembling a whale, enclosing an inscription "Yeshua" (Jesus)in Hebrew/Aramaic on a piece of stone or pottery shard, detailed as number 140 in Rahmani's ossuary catalogue, originates from the Jesus family Talpiot tomb. (Check the template rather than the author's drawing.) This find is mentioned in The London Sunday Times original story as one of the artifacts shown to BBC correspondents when they came to inquire about the Talpiot tomb in 1996. I've commented on this find in "The Bone Box" and also posted a "Jesus like Jonah" suggestion about it in a Talpiot Tomb forum on Facebook, about two years ago.