Saturday, June 9, 2007

Who's afraid of the truth?

The Wikipedia page about the Talpiot Tomb is full of errors. omissions and misrepresentations. Thus it omits reference to the three books discussing this find published prior to the airing of the Discovery channel documentary in April 2007. It also omits reference to the most important symbol involved in this find, though it features a "Symbols" section. It claims that the tomb has been dated to between 538 BC and 70 AD , while the fact is that the longest dating was between the end of the first century BC and 70 AD. It insists that the archeologist who led the team that excavated the tomb in 1980 was Amos Kloner, whereas it was Joseph Gath, etc. etc.

When I tried to edit that page correctly, somebody sitting there who probably believed he was protecting religious dogma kept frantically deleting my entries, until I gave up this childish game. At least on this subject, Wikipedia is completely worthless.